Active Speaker Articles

This is a series of articles discussing some of the key topics relevant for active speaker design.  This is not intended to be a comprehensive tutorial on active speaker design, but instead focuses on the technologies needed to understand and use the DSP test bed.


  1. Active Speakers – why?
  2. Digital processing basics
  3. DSP devices for active speakers
  4. ADAU1701 and SigmaStudio
  5. The microprocessor: how to control the DSP
  6. ADAU1701-based stereo 3-way DSP Board
  7. Case study #1:  a small subwoofer
  8. Case study #2:  a 3-way design
  9. Wireless Active Speakers
  10. Case study #3:  A line array with DSP
  11. Future directions: going beyond the ADAU1701
  12. Arduino Code Overview and Roadmap
  13. Design tools for Active Speakers (ASD)
  14. Android phone app for controlling the DSP