Active Speaker Articles

This is a series of articles discussing some of the key topics relevant for active speaker design.  This is not intended to be a comprehensive tutorial on active speaker design, but instead focuses on the technologies needed to understand and use the DSP test bed.


  1. Active Speakers – why?
  2. Digital processing basics
  3. DSP devices for active speakers
  4. ADAU1701 and SigmaStudio
  5. The microprocessor: how to control the DSP
  6. ADAU1701-based stereo 3-way DSP Board (Part 1)
  7. Case study #1:  a small subwoofer
  8. Case study #2:  a 3-way design
  9. Wireless Active Speakers
  10. Case study #3:  A line array with DSP
  11. Future directions: How does this journey end?
  12. Arduino Code Overview and Roadmap
  13. Design tools for Active Speakers (ASD)
  14. Android phone app for controlling the DSP
  15. Generic active speakers–a new approach for speaker designers
  16. ADAU1701-based stereo 3-way DSP Board, Part 2
  17. Finally, some shareable code (on its way)