May 9, 2020

I made some updates to the stereo 3-way Part 2 page, and will be adding more in the next few weeks.   However, the next update will be the software page, as I finally made a stand-alone version of the tool to process the SigmaStudio output files.

This tool creates two files needed for the Arduino code:  1) a code file to load the Program RAM and the Parameter RAM, and 2) a “Cell map” that provides a way of referencing the SigmaStudio DSP cells in the code.  I’ll provide details in an upcoming update, but it was important to make this tool available in a stand-alone program as it needs to take on some new functionality for the next designs in the queue.  The old version of the code was buried in the now-ancient ASD program, written in VB.NET.  The new code is in C# and it is much more maintainable.

The new code also has a new feature coming that will create a simple Arduino sketch that can program SigmaStudio code into an ADAU1701 board that has an EEPROM.  So you just need an Arduino host with an I2C connection to the board, and you will have the ability to put the SigmaStudio code into the EEPROM.  This will eliminate the need for the SigmaStudio programming boards.  You just need to point to the output files of the SigmaStudio compiler and the generated Arduino sketch will put the right data in the EEPROM.  None of the designs I have made use the EEPROM, as the CPU loads the ADAU1701, but this will help for other boards or modules that require programming.  This application will be at:


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