Feb 8, 2022

This is a preview of some upcoming projects. First, I’m still interested in a project that requires no custom hardware development, so when I saw the new 4-channel JAB4 DSP/Bluetooth amp from Wondom, I couldn’t resist. I’ve got a JAB4 board running in one of those PGA2311 preamp cases with an ESP32 CPU board for control and a Nextion display. I still need to deal with the auto power-down feature of the JAB4, and I’ve got lots of code to write for the Nextion display, but this is starting to look like a really nice solution for active speakers.

There will also be an end table version using a highly modified case that I ordered from Sam’s for about $50. This Bluetooth end table will be stereo (speakers on both sides) with an active crossover and bass enhancement that you can control from your cell phone. Plus, it will have a wireless charger built in the top. The drivers are ones I’ve been intrigued by for a while: the glass-diaphragm drivers from BDNC (Speaker Drivers – BDNC (Holding) Limited (newbdnc.com). This will go in our greenhouse so my wife can keep her “babies” entertained (she’s got turnips, peas and spinach shoots popping up already).

DecorTech Rectangular End Table with Bluetooth Speaker and USB Charging Port, Walnut

I’m hoping these projects will move along quickly, as I’m anxious to extend the ADAU1701 libraries to control the ADAU145X/ADAU146X, and I’ve got plans for a second-generation line array amp. We’ve had a lot of snow and many days with temperatures in single digits, and these are all good “software season” projects.