January 12, 2022

Long time, no publish…but the logjam is finally starting to clear. It took a lot of work to move “to the country”, but the garage is done, the wife’s greenhouse/nursery is mostly done, and electronics projects are starting to show up on the desk again.

I’ve finally got some software that can be used as a basis for new designs–see the updated article on Sharable Code (Finally: Some Shareable Code). This article describes the refactoring effort that has been a stumbling block for over a year now. There are still some additional features I’ll be adding, such as EEPROM support for boards that are hard-wired to selfboot, including the JAB3/4/5 series from Sure. And I need to make sure the software can be extended easily to deal with the newer DSP chips like the ADAU1466 as well as the TI Purepath devices. And I need to block out a design for an updated line array amp with this software base, which will be a good test of the extensibility. So, lots of interesting challenges planned for this winter.